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Dinner with the lover boy again. At Papa Haydn, Portland OR.

I try to keep my home relatively clean, livable. It is only natural that I try to keep my home (in a broader sense), Earth, clean and livable, isn’t it?

Too green? No, I don’t think I am.
I still eat meat and fish, milk and eggs.
I do try to eat responsibly.
If I can buy from local, I do.
If I can buy organically grown. I do.
If I can get sustainable seafood, I do.
But I live a lifestyle that doesn’t always allow me to be responsible. Yes, it is partly due to my laziness.
I think I can do much better.

I use biodegradable and phosphate-free detergent, hand and dish soup, doggie shampoo.
But I can’t say the same for the rest of the many products that I use. Make up, shampoo, hair and skin products.
I think I can do much better.

Maybe it is because I’m getting older.
Maybe it is because I finally understood that what I wear doesn’t reflect who I really am.
Maybe it is because I realized true comforts come from how it feels, not how it looks, on me.
My wardrobe is getting simpler by the day.
But I can pay closer attention to the clothing tags, closer attention to the manufacturing facts.
I think I can do much better.

Am I too green for others? Maybe.
I currently help out at a relative’s bakery. Many times a day (actually, probably more than 75% of the time) I am asked to place a cake box in a plastic bag. Now, I understand if it is raining, I will also understand if you are with a child, and a plastic bag will make things much easier. But what significant difference does it make when you have two free hands? And so then 50+ plastic bags go wasted each day, from a single bakery. Customers can be rude, or leave an embarrassing tip, but nothing angers me nearly as much as being wasteful.

I had a little disagreement with someone today regarding me going out of my way to be green. He thinks the line needs to be drawn. And I think I haven’t even reached the line yet. I realized I cannot impose my beliefs on others, I can only hope they will one day understand. Until then, I will just have to swallow my frustrations.

Yes, this is a rant.

Think about the polar bears.

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  1. Oh – hey – still alive… Good job with that.


  2. I hate polar bears. :S Does that make me a bad person?

  3. you horrible, horrible person! why would you hate polar bears? they drink coca cola!

  4. They … what? Some silly American market campaign, I’m presuming. :P

  5. I read that Doggie Shampoo has been linked to Autism in children. Some chemical used sticks around and can harm the child during development as a fetus. Ditch that Doggie Shampoo Human stuff works just fine.

  6. Justin, humans have a different pH level than dogs and our shampoo may be very harsh on their skin. I use Cloud Star Buddy Rinse which uses all natural ingredients minus the insecticides that are suspect to be linked with autism in children.

  7. euuhhhh neuuuuuuu bananas!

  8. Anthony (Chiyo's Dad #2)

    Hey gurl, why did you stop blogging. I very much enjoy reading what you have to say about stuff. It’s very informative and sometimes opens up a new point of view. I really love your witty witting style it’s hilarious!!! hence the three exclamation points.
    Do say hi to Bo from me ;)

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