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I got a pair of Dansko clogs and have been wearing them for work.
I was told that it takes a few days to get used to. So I keep wearing them, expecting it to be better each use.
It’s been two weeks now.
The pain from the shoes kills me.
Everyone tells me how great these shoes are. They’re supposedly the most comfortable shoes made ever.

I’m starting to think the problem is my feet. Maybe I have weird feet or something.

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  1. Hmm, maybe you’re right.

  2. Syl, your feet aren’t weird, they’re unique… Uniquely strange looking har har har… :p Anyway, I know the real reason you’re making a public complaint is so you can justify getting new shoes.

  3. dansko’s are not my friend. they’ve flattened my feet and burned me worth of $100+ … SFC are a bit better


  4. Hi Sylvia,

    I saw your post and I think you must have been fit wrong for your shoes. Contact me and we can see what we can do for you. Danskos should NEVER hurt.

    Take care,

  5. avril, mine are not as bad as before but still hurting my feet. I’ve thought about SFC, but I WANT to love my dansko =/


  7. So Dansko shoes, Im a nurse and everyone says they are great, I have been wearingmine for 2 weeks and now my big toe is numb? Localized numbness so Im figuring its the shoes. Not sure 130 dollars is worth this….

  8. I’ve accepted the fact that Dansko just doesn’t work for everyone.
    Which makes me sad because I think Danskos look good with scrubs! ;p

  9. Belinda M. Kiger

    I just bought Dansko shoes and have worn them for a week. My left leg (shin) hurts so bad now I can hardly walk. The first two days were great but the third day on has been painful. Does anyone out there have same problem? My daughter tells me Dansko’s are the best and I have to have them! I bought sandles this summer and the same thing. Legs hurt all the time. I have slight scoliosis but have read that those with scoliosis love Danskos.

  10. Belinda,

    I personally think whether Dansko’s are the best or not is subjective. It did not work out for me and I have met several others that just never felt right in those clogs, and then there are those who cannot live without them.

    I am not an expert on scoliosis. It would be best if you speak with your provider about what type of arch support suits your condition. If it hurts then it is probably not benefiting your spine. Our bodies don’t come from the same mold, you just have to find what is best for you yourself. Good luck!

  11. I have had my Dansco’s for about 1 month now and I am a nurse and work long 12 hour shifts. I have really tried to wear them other places than work to so they would break in better, but my feet really hurt after I wear them all day. They feel so hard on the bottom like I am standing on a very hard surface in my bare feet and I have bad corns on my toes and these shoes make them worse. My feet burn in them also and my ankles ache a lot after I wear them. I really wanted them to work for me. I must have strange feet. Everyone else says they love theirs so much. I hate that I spent 120.00 for them and my feet still hurt.

  12. I’ve had my Dansko’s for several months now and I’ve noticed that the outside of my big toe and pinky toe is numb on both feet. I think my feet are maybe moving too much inside the shoe. I walk constantly at work. I am going to try different shoes for a few days to see if it gets better.. I love the way Dansko’s look with scrubs, but they are not for me if they cause numbness in my toes.

  13. I just bought a pair of dansko’s yesterday and wore them for around 6-7 hours. By the end of the day, my left hip was really sore. As if I’d injured it. It’s really strange. I had a couple pair of dankso’s in the early 90’s that fit so great, I wore them out. Then I bought a third pair. I’m not sure if the design changed, but I never wore them all too much because they made my arches sore. I optimistically bought the pair yesterday figuring I’d give them another chance but now it just looks like I’m out $120. They were so cute, too…what a shame.

  14. @ Michelle, I wouldn’t give up so fast, try to wear them not all day long. Break them in couple hours at a time. Maybe that would help. Although, I’ve spoke with quite a few people that believe “they just don’t work” (I am/was one of them, but I might try again, we’ll see.)

    @ Jill, I had that problem as well, my toes would go numb. A lot of people insist that I didn’t have the right size, and that I didn’t give them a “break-in period.” I might give them a second try in the future because, like you, I do like how they look with scrubs and they make me few inches taller. ;p

    @ Angela, A lot of people suggests that you have to try a few different pairs because each shoe is slightly different since it is hand-made. Try different shoes of the same size and mix/match to find the perfect pair. Also, I have heard that it is better to wear it for short periods of time (couple of hours) at the beginning until the shoe molds to your feet/broken in.

  15. Hey all you unhappy Dansko people,
    Any of you live in Maine? I’d purchase slightly used 37’s some 38’s, I’d give anything for a pair of black suede Madrigals size 37……. I’ve worn my navy ones for 2 yrs, still look good. If I had a black pair the navy ones would last longer. I’ve got several other pairs, but these are by far my favorites. They had the nerve to discontinue them!
    I don’t have back pain any more. They are not the softest on the bottoms of the feet, however I wear them instead of slippers and sneakers. I think my feet have adapted.

  16. I have had hip surgery due to labral tear, and now I wonder did my walking and wearing Dansko clogs EVERY single day for nearly a year have anything to do with this problem. One of my friends who also is a daily dansko diva is now experiencing some sort of hip pain and asked me if I thought the dansko’s might have some thing to do with her pain. When you look on the web, the dansko’s are somewhat praised for being one of the “Good foot brands” Now I wonder how many other people may have had related hip pain due to daily use.

  17. I live in Maine….I just got a pair of brown suede danskos’s as an early birthday present. I’m glad I didn’t spend my own money after reading the bad reviews on here, as I hear from coworkers they were good and that is why I got them.

    I will keep them for wearing ou tif they are to uncomfortable for work, the arches are huge and I have to get used to it.

  18. I have had Plantar Faciitis for 10 months now and my podiatrist recommended Danskos. They helped with the pain in my feet. But now after wearing Danskos 2 months I have had pain in my left hip which also goes down my leg and up to my lower back. I don’t know if the Danskos may have caused the hip pain or not, but I am beginning to wonder if I helped one issue and caused another by wearing Danskos all day.

  19. Hi – I am writing because I have had a couple of pairs of clogs over the last 4-5years and loved them all, especially the danskos I bought 4 years ago.

    However, I just purchased a pair of shiny marbled burgandy ones and an now experiencing lower back pain and hip pain and thought perhaps it may be due to the clogs. I am hair dresser gone sales person and many people in the hair dressing field wear them, so I had started to, but never experienced the back pain, until I bought these pair. And…. have gone to a chiropractor and have gotten some relief. I was out with my husband to breakfast yesterday and noticed our waitress had the same exact pair – asked her how her back was feeling and she looked at me funny and said “that her lower back had been bothering her”. That’s it for me, I am taking a break. I am in sales now and can not afford to lose my back, I am sure you all would like to keep yours too, those of you experiencing back pain.

  20. Wow. Just figured out why my feet, ankles, hips and back hurt all the time. IT’S MY DANSKO’S! Will be getting new shoes pronto!

  21. I’m a nurse with recently diagnosed plantar faciitis. Get to a podiatrist right away. I went through 6 different pairs of shoes before I gradually got to the point where I could barely walk, only then did I go to a doctor duh …he recommended danskos and another very good shoe is z-coil but only get them with a dealer who truely customizes them to your foot…another nurse told me about klogs…not sure yet about those.
    I just got my danskos yesterday & they relieved the pain in my arch & heel, but my big toe is now numb & my supervisor has the same problem with her danskos, the toe numbness has happened with other shoes, the podiatrist thinks the toe numbness is related to fit
    sheesh I rolle my feet back/

  22. My Danskos , both pair make my 3 little toes go numb! has been doing this for a year , thought it was my back , got some MBTS and now my toes are good, Danskos just dont work for me1

  23. Nancy Blotevogel

    I love the “looks” of the Dansko clogs. I am a nurse, and purchased a pair of pink ones. I get so many compliments on them!

    But, I seem to trip a lot and the other night I actually fell at work and had to be taken to the ER! OMG!

    Then, another nurse told me she had falled 3 times with her Dansko clogs and has never worn them again.

    This is the most expensive shoe I have ever purchased! I can not risk falling again, so guess I will have to toss the Dansko’s. So very disappointing.. was looking forward to getting a different color for Christmas.

  24. Hello all…
    I recently purchased a pair of Danskos because my Birkenstock Closed toe shoe didn’t have the support that I needed. And after a day of running all over campus (I’m a College Student) I knew I needed to try something else. So I went to my favorite Birkenstock Outlet (in Delaware) and decided I was going to try on a pair of Danskos… they felt ok in the store. I have been wearing Birkenstocks for about 8 years now and know that you have to “break” them in. As this is the third day I have worn my Danksos they still hurt a little. But I wore my sneakers yesterday thinking I would give my feet a break and my feet just ached! I have had no problems with that today. SInce I wore my Danskos. I am hoping that over time I stretch them out. I am usually so hard on Birks and it takes about a week for my foot bed to get into them i am hoping that the Dankos last a little longer.

    So my advice is this just give them time and don’t wear thick socks.

  25. I tried on numerous danskos and settled on the lace up ones. My feet felt more secure than in the clogs. My feet feel much better. Legs are a little more achy at night,but assume and hope this will change as my body does feel more solid standing all day. May put in lightweight thin orthotics for a little more softness for awhile. Reminds me of the Bastad clogs I use to wear in the 80’s.

  26. I’m so glad that I found your post. I have lower back issues. A few weeks ago I got a new pair of Danskos. I have worn them almost every day since then, and have been having a lot of hip pain and have been feeling achy all over and “old.” Finally, it occurred to me that maybe the Danskos are making the hip pain worse. I switched over to other shoes and will try them for a while to see if I feel better. I really want the Danskos to help. My sister loves them, but I’m starting to think that they may not be for me. They do make my feet feel better, but I can’t deal with the hip pain and general stiffness. I walk all over the concrete sidewalks in NYC so I need shoes that work for both my feet and the rest of my body as well.

  27. I purchased my Danskos about 4 month’s ago. Like so many I had lots of friends telling me they are the best shoe…. I finally broke down and spend that much on a work shoe. When they first where uncomfortable I just figured I had to break them in, but after 3 month’s the pain in my arches became UNBEARABLE!!!!! I switched to sneakers for a couple of days to see if that helped. Well feet are already feeling better…. I am so mad I spent that kind of money on these shoes :(

  28. Just bought some beautiful Danskos the other day. Having same problem as a lot of people. SO HARD! Was hopeing to find something I could in fact wear all day long instead of hiking boots which is presently my most comfortable shoe. Just wondering if anyone has got insole replaced with something softer. All my other shoes have softer insoles with some give. The hard insole inside these Danskos is glued in pretty well so this seems like a very drastic thing to do. But my feet have never experienced something so hard. Has anyone replaced those insoles and did you do it yourself or get help?

  29. I was having some bad sciatica pain and read on a website how much Danskos helped. So, I went out and bought a pair and after wearing tehm for an hour my sciatica pain was gone! The next day I wore them for 3 hours and increased with each day. They are now the only shoe I can wear without experiencing any pain. For me, they are great! But,, we are all made differently, so it is subjective. Good luck and if you get DANSKOs, go slow and ease into them :)

  30. Ive tried everything walmart shoes payless twice bought another pair of skeckers hoping that would work since they worked before when I worked at albertsons well nothing work I mean nothing I was taking 3 aleves every week at work cause it would hurt all day long so I had it and said well might have to go to albuquerque nm to get some goooood shoes and a lady at payless said try dansko shoes its like you dont want to ever take em off so my husband took me to cottonwood and bought me a pair of dansko they where fine while I was off and when I went back to work omg my feet are still hurting its been a week so I dont know if I need to try a little bit more cause I want relief all ready … have a great day everyone

  31. Horrendous hip pain after wearing these clogs, i love how they look, but my everloving hips!!!! What causes this??

  32. I have had a pair of marble blue Danskos for a few years and they still constantly hurt my feet. My arches are painfuly a couple hours into wearing them. I am not even on my feet long. I sit at a desk most of the time. Now, at least I know I am not alone. I have fallen in these shoes and my foot rolls off the heel constantly.

  33. I started wearing my clogs in August of 2012 and started having knee pain, ankle pain, and shin burning. Next came slight hip pain. Thought it was arthritis and wen to the doctor but it wasn’t. Finally narrowed it down to my shoes and have stopped wearing them. I am wondering if anyone else had this similar problem. I also went to a podiatrist and he agreed this maybe the problem. I now wearing a leg brace for my legs and feet to heal. If anyone else had these problems, can you tell me what you did to heal? Thanks, Elsie

  34. I will say that my Danskos are wonderful for my lower back and great for my arches…….but….just like the other lady says…..MY BIG TOES ARE NUMB….RIGHT AT THE OUTER CORNER OF EACH ONE…..I think I might switch back to Birkenstock.

  35. Hi, I just received my danskos in the mail. I have to tell you not at all what i was expecting. The reviews on the website say how remarkably padded and comfortable for your feet. I’ve had them on for 20 mins and feel like they’re sucking the life out of feet. What a shame…very disappointed…maybe I need a wide…which I never use daily.

  36. Bonnie Goldsmith

    I am wondering if we could do a class action lawsuit. No jesting about that. I am a very fit and very health conscious person but now have terribly arthritic knees and hips. Have worn Danskos for many, many years….

  37. Jeremy atkinson

    Dansko clogs aren’t actually clogs but shoes styled after clogs. They do have some curve put into the soles on the underside, which lessens the amount your foot has to flex every time you take a step, but your foot is still going to have to flex. They are not a panacea. They’ll work well for some folks, not for others.

  38. Robert Bacone

    I’m a 17 year old guy and wear mine for casual wear at high school Though the ones I have (Black Patent Professionals) many people give me looks and I really can care less as long as I don’t get jumped for being the only dude in my school for wearing danskos. But I once bought a pair and my first pair were kind of too big. Because I realized it because 7-9/10 when I stepped off of the last step of a flight of stairs or stepping down from the bus my ankle often twisted. So, now I bought another pair the same as before to replace my old too big ones and theres more fitted. They don’t sell the black patent for men in stores, so I bought mine in a womens 40 and my actual foot size is a 8.5. They fitted good in the store but when I wore them in the house that’s when the pain occured after 15 mins of wearing. So I slept with them on a few night through the pain to get them used to it. And now I can finally wear them anyway(bare or socked).If you get them a size too big your ankle will twist alot when you step down off of steps/stairs. Best get them fitted. but not too tight. But all in all I wear mine with Jeans or black Dickie pants.

  39. Hi. I’ve been reading up on danskos and am glad I’m not the only one experiencing pain at the sole of my feet. I’ve been told its because I have to break into them but I don’t see how something obviously damaging my feet is worth breaking into. I’ve bought a pair of Mercy by Crocs which are kinda shaped like dansko a with a bit of elevated heel but the inside padding is much better and definitely more comfortable. Usually my feet would ache after a couple of hours in danskos but the Mercy crocs, I can get through the work shift.

    I work at a restaurant kitchen btw.

  40. Loved my first pair of Danskos 9 years ago, so, when they started to wear out, bought two more pair. Unfortunately, I’m not certain if it was the difference in style, or something else, but ended up with knee and hip flexor issues. I now have to search for a different type of shoe, as my last Danskos caused corn/calluses on the underside of one foot and severe strain in the right knee. I tried to deny it was the shoes, but, once I switched to good athletic shoes, the knee and calluses started to improve. ONce healed, I tried the Danskos again with the same results, so it proved to me it was the clogs. Very sad, as I never had that problem with my original pair and the new ones were well worn in over several months. Now looking at Birkenstocks or barefoot shoes, as barefoot is the most comfortable state for my hip and knees now….

  41. Had a pair of black patent danskos now for 3 years LOVED THEM. They were scuffed so I purchased a new pair and a pair that had just come out. I put the pair that had just come out on immediately and wore them home only 2 hours in them they felt good. The next day had sever pai in my left foot. The pain went away. I tried wearing them again had them on for 5 mins felt the pain again so I took them off and wore my old ones to work now severe pain for 2 days

  42. I am going to get a refund.

  43. Megan Osborne

    I am a dental assistant and I’m on my feet alot. I bought my first pair of danskos yesterday, Wore them for four hours and now I’m having alot of pain in my left knee moving into my thigh. Also there is a bruise and I know I haven’t bumped it on anything is anyone else having this trouble my right leg isn’t bothering me at all.

  44. I’m sooo glad I found this page. I recently purchased a pair of Dansko’s cause everyone says they are so comfortable. 2 months later, I have terrible knee, back pain Andy 3 toes are numb. I went to the Chiropractor and little relief. I am glad I read this, because I am going to discontinue wearing them, as I am pretty sure this is the reason. Thanks!

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